Carving a Life
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Mitch is an up and coming woodcarving artist who finds peace in his work. At a small art showing he meets beautiful schoolteacher Lauren, who he falls in love with and marries. Life is on the right track, although we have hints of a troubled past and when Lauren announces she is pregnant Mitch starts to drink – A LOT, and his life begins to spiral downward. Mitch’s best friend Eric has seen him through the toughest times, but there is tension between him and Lauren. Mitch is haunted by memories of his mother’s car crash, for which he carries guilt, and goes on drinking binges with Eric. Mitch nearly checks himself into a rehab center but decides to put it off. Lauren eventually kicks him out because of his drinking and Mitch’s dad and step mom welcome Lauren and the baby into their home. Mitch is in and out of the hospital from alcohol poisoning, hits rock bottom, and then learns his liver is shot - he must quit drinking or die. His mother's spirit visits him in the hospital, which gives him the motivation to beat the addiction beast so he can be there for his son and maybe even win Lauren back. Mitch comes out of rehab doing well, confronts his guilt for his mom’s accident, and reconnects with his dad. He meets his baby Nathan and realizes it’s too late for him and Lauren, but wants to be a good father to Nathan. Three years later, he is still sober and apologizes to Lauren, telling her he will always love her, and suggests she move back into their house while he promises to stay at his workshop. When he goes to pick up Nathan to take him to the beach, a place that was especially meaningful to Mitch and his mom, he invites Lauren to join them - will she?
Starring Tyler Bruhn, Karenssa LeGear, Lisa Winans
Director Terry Ross