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From the twisted mind of Jennifer Lynch ("Hisss," "Surveillance"), the daughter of acclaimed director David Lynch, comes one of the most violent and psychologically disturbing films of the year. When eight-year-old Tim (Eamon Farren of "X: Night of Vengeance") and his mother, Sarah (Julia Ormond of TV’s "Mad Men," TV’s "Law & Order: CI"), get picked up by a psychopathic cab driver named Bob (Vincent D’Onofrio of "Full Metal Jacket," TV’s "Law & Order: CI"), it ends up being their last ride together. Bob murders the young boy’s mother and keeps Tim as his unwilling protégée, making him clean up the mess following each murder he commits. Years later, as a teenager, Tim must choose whether to follow in Bob’s serial killer footsteps or break free. Also starring, Jake Weber ("Dawn of the Dead"), Gina Phillips ("Jeepers Creepers"), and Evan Bird (TV’s "The Killing").
Starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Eamon Farren, Gina Philips
Director Jennifer Chambers Lynch