Chicago Cab
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There is more to this story than this review lets on. It reflects all different facets of society over one driver's shift. As he starts out, he seems cold and ignorant, but his character develops as different Chicago riders come and go. His character shows through when he tells a woman the truth about one of the guys he has in his cab. One highlight is the amount of cameos by well-known faces who seem to be doing this film for the craic (fun, "kicks"). The cab driver reacts well to the madness surrounding him, and by the end of the shift the viewer might share his weariness. This low-budget film deals with crackheads, stoners, posh randy lawyers, irate Pakistanis, and the high and lows of the working day.
Starring Paul Dillon, Michael Ironside, Laurie Metcalf
Director Mary Cybulski, John Tintori