Christmas in Rome
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A Hallmark Channel original movie. Angela (Lacey Chabert) is a free-spirited American tour guide in Rome who loves to take her clients on spontaneous adventures. After one of those adventures gets her fired a week before Christmas, she runs into Oliver (Sam Page), a buttoned-up, New York, workaholic acquisitions executive for a large kitchen and homeware company. He’s in Rome to land a sale of a high-end Italian ceramics company that he’s heard the owner, Luigi, is looking to sell. When Luigi insists that Oliver learns about the heart and soul of Rome, Oliver hires Angela to be his personal guide for all things Italian, taking him on a special Christmas tour, and showing him how Romans live and celebrate the Christmas season. Love blossoms between Oliver and Angela as they work together, but when Oliver finally closes the deal, will he return to his life back in New York or will he stay in Rome with the woman that he has come to love?
Starring Lacey Chabert, Sam Page, Franco Nero
Director Ernie Barbarash