Christmas Lodge
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Mary Tobin, a pretty, young historical preservationist, sets out for a long weekend of hiking and relaxation with her boyfriend of one year, Kent Summers. Everyone wants Kent to propose to Mary. When she visits her family before they take off, she visits her Grandpa, who is sick and near dying. It is clear Mary is very attached to him, more so than she’s been with her family as of late. At the lodge, Mary and Kent hike up the mountain and find a little girl, Charlene who has gotten stuck. When they get her out, they take her home and find that she lives at Christmas Lodge. The owner, Jack Rand, offers to make them dinner and catch up, since he remembers Mary. She vows to help Jack get the place back to what it used to be when she goes home, but when she speaks to her father, Mike, about it, he says it will cost too much. Mary is determined, however, to make this renovation work. Mary calls Jack with good news: that her father and brothers can inspect the place to come up with an estimate, and that her boss, Bob, will search for grants. This mission, however, creates a rift between Mary and Kent, and Kent can’t take it. He breaks up with her, leaving Mary devastated. Mary and her brothers, Matthew and Pete, and her father make their way up to Christmas Lodge. After checking the place out, it turns out the renovation and getting everything up to code is going to cost two million dollars, but Mary has paperwork that will allow Jack to get money through grants. After Mary’s boss meets with the board, they only offer to put up half the money for the lodge. Worried, Mary seeks Grandpa's help and he offers to pay his sons and grandsons to crew for the work that needs to be done. The boys agree and go back to Christmas Lodge in October. Everyone lends a hand in working on the Lodge, including Mary. After dinner one night, Jack talks to Mary about being something more than just friends. Though Mary doesn’t think it’s a good idea because of Charlene and because of her family, Jack tells her to think about it, but Mary doesn’t have to – she agrees. After a minor stroke, Mary’s grandpa has to go to the home. Mary can’t seem to get a grip on why all of this is happening if she’s been seeing signs that her grandmother and God were talking to her on her hikes. Her mom tells her just to trust in the Lord. Christmas Eve is here and the entire Tobin family is at Christmas Lodge with Jack and Charlene. They throw the switch on the electrical box and the whole place comes to life, just as it once was. After a knock on the door, Grandpa comes in. The family is together. After a sentimental speech by Jack thanking everyone for their help, he offers his hand to Mary in marriage. She accepts and shortly after, people show up at the lodge to stay. God and Mary’s grandmother have answered her prayers.
Starring Peter Benson, Rukiya Bernard, Michelle Creber
Director Terry Ingram