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Varghese (N. Govindan Kutty) is a planter who lives with his wife Elizabeth (Savitri) and daughter Beena (Sujatha) in the tea estates owned by him. Following his son's demise, Varghese starts drinking in his depression and entices his wife into it. Elizabeth becomes an alcoholic. Varghese dies and Elizabeth appoints Baby (Salam), who is her faithful servant Antony's (Abbas) son, as the tea estates manager. Baby and Beena are classmates. Baby is corrupt by nature, but Beena, who is in love with him, is confident of changing him. Elizabeth goes from bad to worse. In a drunken stupor she even gets into a physical relationship with Baby and becomes pregnant. Beena comes to know of this. Out of shame and repentance, Elizabeth commits suicide. Beena rushes to shoot Baby. But even before she could do so Baby kills himself. Beena becomes a nun.
Starring Savitri, Sreedharan Nair