Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch
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According to a tale told for generations in Pine Creek, many years ago a group of hunters were found slaughtered in the woods above the town in a gruesome tragedy that locals have come to call "the Echo Mountain Massacre." Legend has it that a giant grizzly mauled the men in the hunting party beyond recognition. Some in the town believe the legend, and some aren't quite sure that a grizzly, even a big one, could have done what the story says happened. But it happens again. A band of poachers, is found brutally killed much like the old legend had reported. Was it another giant grizzly? Or could it be something more cunning and more powerful than even a great bear? Now, four high school seniors, a park ranger and a pack of revenge hungry gunmen are going to find out…
Starring Dylan Purcell, Brandon Nicholas Henschel, Miles O'Keeffe
Director Karl Kozak