Coast of Skeletons
Dead men tell no tales in this action-packed search for a lost treasure in gold starring Richard Todd and Dale Robertson, produced by legendary exploitation filmmaker Harry Alan Towers (The Face of Fu Manchu). Suspicious of the loss of a diamond dredger off the coast of South Africa, an insurance company sends inspector Harry Sanders (Richard Todd) to investigate A.J. Magnus (Dale Robertson), the ship's wealthy owner. Joining the crew on its next expedition, Sanders soon uncovers the startling truth: the operation is merely a front to recover a half-million pounds in sunken gold bullion, a fortune Magnus would kill to keep all for himself. Loosely based on Edgar Wallace's 1911 novel Sanders of the River, Coast of Skeletons is 1960s' escapism at its two-fisted best and marks Richard Todd's second and final appearance as Harry Sanders, a character he first played in Death Drums Along the River in 1963.
Starring Richard Todd, Dale Robertson, Heinz Drache
Director Robert Lynn