Cottage Country
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Everything was set — the ring was bought and the romantic lake cabin reserved. It was the perfect time for Todd (Tyler Labine) to propose to his girlfriend Cammie (Malin Akerman), until his stoner brother Salinger shows up. From there things turn comically deadly when a fight between the brothers leads to Todd accidentally impaling his brother with an axe. Bent on the weekend going well, Todd and Cammie conspire to get rid of the evidence and anyone who might suspect them. As the cabin fills with drunk partiers looking for Salinger and his girlfriend, Todd and Cammie find themselves the subject of police investigations and nosy friends. In a last ditch effort to protect themselves, Todd and Cammie find themselves doing things they never imagined possible as the body count rises and the stakes along with it.
Starring Malin Åkerman, Tyler Labine, Lucy Punch
Director Peter Wellington