Craig Quits His Day Job
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Think you have a crappy job? Meet Craig. He's a data-entry operator specializing in staple removal at B.A.R.N.: Become Awesome Right Now, run by overbearing self-help guru AnnaMaria. One especially bad Monday, Craig quits! Aghast, AnnaMaria tries to talk him out of it, but Craig's mind is made up. AnnaMaria darkly predicts Craig will return by Friday, begging for his job back. Craig decides to start a support group for quitters: "Quitters unite!" After all, he figures, he can't be the only one. He gets to know the people in his neighborhood for the first time. Basement-dwelling hoarders, sunny Satan worshippers, uh, Jerry - they put the strange in stranger. And they don't come any stranger than Bing, who gets Craig mixed up in madcap adventures like shoplifting furniture. Beautiful, free-spirited Grace is different. Craig's quitting campaign inspires her to want to end a toxic relationship with Klaus, a scary control freak. Paradoxically, she encourages Craig not to quit when only three people show up at the first support group. Meanwhile, Craig struggles to tell Grace that she is the girl of his dreams. Will Craig stay out of jail, get Grace and unite quitters? Or will he beg for his old job back by Friday on his hands and knees?
Starring Garrett Titlebaum, Cindy Fernandez-Nixon, Jordan Streussnig
Director Eric Paul Chapman