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An amusing horror comedy directed by Stephen Herek ("Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Mr. Holland's Opus") is the story of a family menaced by eight basketball sized creatures from outer space that arrive at their Kansas farm in search of food. Helen Brown (Dee Wallace Stone "E.T." "The Howling") and Brad (Scott Grimes "Who’s Your Monkey?" TV's "ER "), owners of the farm find themselves held hostage as the creatures roll, jump and bounce around during the night. They are pursued by a pair of inept, intergalactic bounty hunters, Charlie (Don Keith Opper "Ghost in the Machine," "Android") and Johnny (Terrence Man TVs "All My Children," "Mrs. Santa Claus") who can shape-shift at will and are packing weapons capable of taking care of any creature they encounter.
Starring Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Terrence Mann
Director Stephen Herek