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An amusing horror comedy directed by Stephen Herek (€œBill & Teds Excellent Adventure, €œMr. Holland's Opus€) is the story of a family menaced by eight basketball sized creatures from outer space that arrive at their Kansas farm in search of food. Helen Brown (Dee Wallace Stone €œE.T.€, The Howling) and Brad (Scott Grimes €œWhos Your Monkey?,€ TV's ER), owners of the farm find themselves held hostage as the creatures roll, jump and bounce around during the night. They are pursued by a pair of inept, intergalactic bounty hunters, Charlie (Don Keith Opper €œGhost In the Machine, €œAndroid€) and Johnny (Terrence Man TVs €œAll My Children,€ €œMrs. Santa Claus”) who can shape-shift at will and are packing weapons capable of taking care of any creature they encounter.
Starring Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Terrence Mann
Director Stephen Herek