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Thirty-five years old and still a virgin, Cyprien is a shy, awkward young man whose life has nothing in common with those of the models who fill the pages of Dress Code. He's the head of this fashion magazine's computer department. Cyprien loves computers, RetuRn To The FutuRe, computers, online video games, computers, his cybercafe pals, and, most of all, computers. He's really sweet, but for him girls are like trying to kill the last monster in the last, highest, and hardest level of a computer game - without using a joystick! May as well say: an impossible dream. When Cyprien loses his job, his life collapses. But this is without taking into account a little twist of fate. In fact, he'll discover a magic deodorant that, with a couple of squirts, will transform him into a gorgeous and irresistible creature. Luck is, perhaps, at last on his side.
Starring Elie Semoun, Léa Drucker, Laurent Stocker
Director David Charon