Dale Archdale
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A redneck slapstick comedy in the vein of Joe Dirt and Eastbound and Down. It’s called Dale Archdale. After Dale Archdale's trailer park shuts down, he is forced to move in with his ex-wife at her free rental house in the upscale community. Dale manages to catch wind of a Chili Cook-off with enough prize money to save his beloved trailer park. However, problems arise when he must face his snooty, wealthy, uptight neighbors including Mr. Fauxman, the winner of all previous chili cook-offs. Problems occur when an angry mob boss, Mr. Bambino, that Fauxman's owes money to, elevates the problems and involves not only Mr. Fauxman and his family, but also Dale and his family and inbred pack of hillbilly friends. Can Dale save his trailer park, Mr. Fauxman, his family and himself?
Starring Matthew Warzel, Brick Jackson, Sophia Miller
Director Tyler Wirtanen