Day by Day
Tom Osborne's chase for a National Championship began in 1973 when he was named the head coach of the Nebraska Huskers on the back of repeat national titles in ‘70 and ‘71. It would take 21 years before the Huskers would reach the goal that the fans, the team, the state of Nebraska, and Coach Osborne lived and breathed. But amid the triumph, a more significant struggle brewed off the field. Crippled by controversy and dropped to their knees with tragedy, the Nebraska Huskers program defied all odds by winning three National Championships in 4 years. Featuring interviews with famous fans like Peyton and Archie Manning, Larry the Cable Guy, and numerous NCAA and NFL legends, Day By Day is the riveting untold story of one of the most dominant, celebrated, and controversial football teams ever.
Starring Tom Osborne, Barry Switzer, Bobby Bowden
Director Justin Le Pera