Dead Hot: Season of the Witch
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This provocative documentary film featuring actress, Vanessa Hudgens, and musician, GG Magree, captures their intimate journey into the supernatural realm. As self-taught students of witchcraft, Vanessa and GG have been experimenting with and connecting to the spirit world. They have begun to pull back the thin veil between the living and the dead, the darkness and the light, and good and evil. After a ghost hunt gone wrong in Northern California, they realize they must seek out proper mentorship and training. Vanessa and GG embark on a pilgrimage to Salem, Massachusetts for a masterclass in witchcraft, the power of the goddess, and the Divine Feminine. While they hone their craft, bind their sisterhood and step into their personal power, they unearth the personal demons holding them back from fulfilling their own destiny. DEAD HOT: SEASON OF THE WITCH explores identity, feminine power, and sisterhood as two amateur witches follow in the footsteps of those who were persecuted for their beliefs in 1692.
Starring Vanessa Hudgens, GG Magree