Devil's Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge
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Police Officer Billie Jean Finnick (Jesi Jensen) has returned from military duty overseas to her hometown of Lake Orion located just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Officer Finnick's return is anything but a warm homecoming when a series of murders and unexplainable events begin to plague what is ordinarily a quiet town. With the town in disarray, Officer Finnick begins an investigation that leads her down a path yielding more questions than answers with all eyes on Marcellus Thibault (Sam Logan Khaleghi) for information. As the investigation unfolds, evidence of the supernatural mount up with all signs pointing to the return of the Nain Rouge. A theory that is quickly dismissed by the town's Police Chief (Jerry Narsh) and de facto community leader Pastor Wilhem (John C Forman). It is said that The Nain Rouge, known as Detroit's harbinger of doom, first attacked Detroit's founder Antoine Cadillac in the 1700's when French explorers disrupted the demon upon settling the city. Now over 300 years later Nain Rouge has been awoken and is back to seek retribution. Officer Finnick must work against the clock as she attempts to stop the Nain Rouge before Lake Orion is left completely in ruin.
Starring Nathan Mathers, Jesi Jensen, Sam Logan Khaleghi
Director Sam Logan Khaleghi