Deya Neya
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Prashant leaves his home because of differences with his father to build a career as a singer. He comes to a city and starts working as Haron, a driver in the house of beautiful Suchoriata and at the same time as a budding singer Abhijit. Abhijit starts singing on the radio and soon he becomes a popular singer, Suchorita falls in love with the voice of Abhijit and then with the singer himself. Abhijit decides to sing on stage for the first time to arrange funds for the operation of his ailing friend, Sukanto, a poet. Suchorita arranges the ticket to have a glimpse of her heart-throb and realizes that the same person works as her driver. She gets shattered emotionally realizing that she failed to recognize his man she loves so deeply. Things take an unexpected turn when Prashant's alias Abhijit's father comes to his friend's place who was none other than Suchorita's uncle. The story ends on a happy note with the union off Prashant and Suchorita.
Starring Uttam Kumar, Tanuja, Lily Chakravarty
Director Sunil Bannerjee