Diary from the Revolution
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Haj's brigade is formed of relatives and employees from his metal workshop. Trained as mechanics, the militia members quickly learn to operate weapons. But their DIY methods expose them as scarily fragile when confronted with professional armed forces. These are the Libyan freedom fighters. Returning to Libya and desperate to be as close to the revolution as possible, Nizam joins the militia and becomes a part of the family. The days of conflict are hard days with many casualties, but they are also days of hope as the rebels, with the help of NATO intervention, overcome Gaddafi's forces. "We killed him. And we have made an end of this story. Yeah, we have made a good end to that story", concludes Haj Siddiq, the leader of the rebel group in Nasrati. Wandering freely in the setting sun over a recent battlefield, he sees the killing of Gaddafi as a happy ending to the revolution. But with the country overflowing with arms, distrust towards the new government and economic instability, the death of Gaddafi is far from the end of the story. As Nizam becomes closer to Haj and the group, conflicting attitudes to gender issues and morality begin to surface and Nizam’s relationship with Haj Siddiq becomes strained over his torture of a former Gadaffi soldier. The first free elections in living memory don't offer an easy consolation. While some choose to boycott it, others find themselves deeply disillusioned with the revolution. Amid the celebrations of a free Libya, it's a strong reminder of how much work remains to forge a new democracy. In this gripping film, post-revolutionary change can be felt in lively political discussions and freely expressed criticisms of the militia group. Nizam leaves Libya as a state culturally and politically distant from the democratic future he had hoped for it, but also with a new found sense of hope. "The removal of Gaddafi had opened up a new landscape and now it is up to our generation to build the new democracy."
Starring Balaeed Muftah Kushba, Al Siddiq Muftah Al Fitori, Oshama Muftah Al Fitori
Director Nizam Najar