Digital Bomb
"“The Digital Bomb” is a rollercoaster-ride through the land of digital creativity. Internet-celebrity Tron Guy presents the past, present and future of the digital galaxies of the Internet. In the social galaxy, Bernard Stiegler (Centre Pompidou) introduces us to the age of the amateur. We discover webstars like technical evangelist Justine Ezarik and Leslie Hall, the “diva-deal” on the Internet. In the commercial galaxy we experience why digital creativity holds the key to future of creativity. We meet the digital creatives that are actually taking advantage of the new medium that is open and free and full of discourse. The media galaxy is about the death of traditional media. The cartel of the major networks and big content owners have made things more expensive than they need to be. And the Internet is all about free distribution and egalitarian information sharing. In the modern web there is no distinction between our online life and our offline life. We experience the discrepancy of the Net being a great platform where everybody can be creative and its threat to privacy. Where is it all going to? We cannot rip the wires out of the ground. So we better start swimming or we sink like a stone, as Bob Dylan used to say.
Starring Na
Director Hermann Vaske