Dog Dayz
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There has always been something to say about the way the legends rode on the West Coast. With every trick in this film executed in a uniquely creative way, wakeboarding has never looked better. Trever Maur, who formerly created the film AL SUR now brings you his highly anticipated film, DOG DAYZ. As the West Coast has always brought a different outlook on the way we view wakeboarding, this film captures that even more. Keeping the finesse of each trick at the front of our minds, allows us to progression the sport in a impactful way. Winch, Cable, Wake... all aspects are firing at an all time high allowing us to create this masterpiece “DOG DAYZ.” Using out side influences is where we find our motivation, so we want to bring you into our world. We have noticed that if you ingulf yourself in only one thing or sport, it’s hard to find outside creativity. While most wakeboarders chase the never ending summer, we allow ourselves to be consumed in the changing of seasons. There are so many influences outside of our own sport. Taking advantage of the seasons and the sports that come with them keeps us mentally balanced and able to look at tricks in a different way. Keeping an open mind and reaching outside the box is where we live. This is where we have always lived since day 1. The Westcoast legends before us built a legacy on maintaining style and mastering the art of being smooth before moving on to the next best trick. There is a responsibility that has been given to us as west coast riders today, and it’s our job to keep that alive.
Starring Kaesen Suyderhoud, Derek Cook, Melissa Marquardt
Director Trever Maur