Don Quixote
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Prologue: Don Quixote is a landed nobleman from La Mancha, who believes he is a heroic knight, just like one of those from his favourite novels. He is determined to win the heart of Dulcinea, a chief figure of the narrative. He chooses his neighbour, Sancho Panza, to be his squire, and travels forth with him into the wide world. Act I: In Barcelona, the innkeeper’s daughter Kitri and the barber Basil are planning their wedding. Kitri’s father Lorenzo is not enthusiastic about this. He wants to match Kitri with old Gamache, but Kitri rigorously refuses such a pairing. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza finish the dispute and leave for Lorenzo‘s hostel. Kitri and Basil run away together. Act II: The lovers take shelter in a windmill where they fall into the hands of gypsies. They leave the obviously destitute pair alone, and prefer to lie in wait for Lorenzo and Gamache instead, who have discovered the fugitive’s hiding-place. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza also appear. The gypsies try to help Kitri and Basil by performing a puppet theatre for Don Quixote. Suddenly, he stands in front of the windmill, which he considers to be a giant, and goes into the attack. However, he is struck by one of the windmill blades, which robs him of his senses. As Kitri and Basil have the chance to flee once again, Don Quixote dreams of a magical garden where the Dryad’s queen leads him to his Dulcinea. But this dream is quickly over. Act III: Kitri and Basil celebrate their supposedly successful escape in an inn when suddenly Lorenzo, Gamache, Don Quixote, and Sancho Panza appear. Desperately, Basil pretends to kill himself. Don Quixote persuades Lorenzo to give his blessing to Kitri and the seemingly doomed Basil. The trick succeeds and Basil awakens to a new life. The furious Gamache then asks Don Quixote to a duel, which Gamache loses. During the wedding Don Quixote and Sancho Panza take to the road again.
Starring Kamil Pavelka, Christoph Wenzel, Maria Yakovleva