Dosti - Friends Forever
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Dosti is a story about two friends Karan and Raj. Karan is the son of a businessman and leads a luxurious lifestyle. Once on a trip to his farmhouse he meets Raj who saves his life and befriends him. Karan is quite lonely as no one from his family has time for him. He finds solace in Raj and they become the best of friends. When they grow up Raj plans to marry his childhood sweetheart Anjali and soon Karan too finds the love of his life Kajal. Their marriage is set to be on the same date, but due to some reason Anjali and Raj's marriage is called off. Also Raj is detected with a fatal disease. Watch the movie to find out what happens next.
Starring Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Kareena Kapoor
Director Suneel Darshan