In his second "talkie" the immortal Buster Keaton displays his comic genius in full regalia. The addition of his deep, rich voice only serves to make his numerous pratfalls and outrageous mishaps all the funnier. World War I is underway and young men are eager to enlist. Elmer J. Stuyvesant (Keaton), a rich man about town, has no such plans, but one day while looking for a new chauffeur he accidentally enlists in the Army. The uniform appeals to a young lady he's been eyeing, so he decides to tough it out. Classic gags and slapstick shenanigans highlight Elmer's tour of duty as he strives to be a hero to his country and win the heart of the girl he loves. Keaton's priceless scene as a female Apache dancer is a definite highlight in this amusing and original tale of wartime services.
Starring Buster Keaton, Sally Eilers, Cliff Edwards
Director Edward Sedgwick