Down 2 Come Up
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Down 2 Come Up, a Pastor Troy film, is based on a brother named Tyrone Thompson (Pastor Troy) who gets sentenced to 20 years for selling drugs. He has a girl, Anetra (Malan Boykin) who is down for him, but she starts dancing at "Peaches of ATL" to keep up with her lifestyle and that's when she meets the King of Bankhead, Shawty Lo!!! President Obama calls for the release of prisoners with non-violent drug charges and Tyrone is fortunate that it worked in his favor. He returns to Atlanta excited about his new chance at life, but he soon finds out....The Game Has Changed!!!With a Soundtrack that's sure to get you bouncing, Down 2 Come Up is the Real Story of how the game is in Atlanta!!!Starring Pastor Troy, Malan B., Comedian K. Dubb, and the legendary Shawty Lo in his last work before his untimely Death. Down 2 Come Up....The Movie
Starring Pastor Troy, Malan Boykin, Shawty Lo
Director Micah Troy