Drinkers Dilemma
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The Drinker's Dilemma is a one hour film about the classic two-pronged conflict which affects the life of almost every animal using waterholes in Africa: quench your thirst and risk being eaten by a predator, or stay safely away from the waterhole and risk dying of thirst. The waterhole is the key to survival in the dry, barren salt plains of Namibia and because of the dependency of all the animals on a ready supply of water it is one of the best places in the world to observe big game at its best. Filmed by award-winning cameraman Dr Rudolf Lammers, this film provides stunning images of a wide range of characters, not just the big impressive lion, elephant and zebra but also the doves and jackals at their feet, all part of the same great circle of life. Unusual low angle shots filmed from a remote camera transport the viewer to the midst of all the action. For the doves that arrive in enormous flocks, the jackal is the chief predator and lions are the bane for the larger zebra and antelope. This is an intima