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Since childhood we’d been promised that the 21st century would bring us dramatic new technologies like flying cars and utopian cities. Instead it bought us the smartphone, social media and online gaming. And as it turns out these technologies began to transform society almost as dramatically as the moon colonies we’d been expecting. DSKNECTD is a sobering and definitive exploration into digital communication technology, covering subjects ranging from text messaging and social media to online gaming and internet pornography. Absolutely riveting and universally accessible to anyone who has ever used a smartphone, Tweeted, Facebook ‘Liked’ or been irritated by someone doing one of those things while trying to have a conversation with them. Intelligently crafted from groundbreaking new research and the experiences of ordinary people, DSKNECTD examines how these technologies are profoundly changing the way we interact and experience each other – for the good and for the bad.
Starring Daniel Chouinard, Christopher J. Cacciacarne, Adam Gazzaley
Director Dominic H. White