Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire
Filmed across the West of America, ELEMENTAL: REIMAGINE WILDFIRE (84 min) takes viewers on a journey with the top experts in the nation to better understand fire. The film follows the harrowing escape from Paradise, California as the town ignited from wind-driven embers and burned within a few hours of the fire's start. It then continues to recent fires in Oregon, California and Colorado, which were the worst in recorded history and visits with indigenous fire professionals, the world’s top fire scientists and researchers to help us better prepare in a hotter drier world. ELEMENTAL: REIMAGINE WILDFIRE is an important look at discovering how we can all reimagine our relationship with wildfire, and keep our homes and communities safe. The solutions are now more timely and urgent than ever.
Starring David Oyelowo, Jack Cohen, Beverly Law
Director Trip Jennings