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This beautiful and haunting fantasy tells two intertwined love stories - of a bittersweet Victorian romance and a budding courtship Can love transcend time to right the mistakes and sorrows of the past? In the world of Enchantment, where yesterday and tomorrow exists side by side, nothing is impossible. unfolding during World War II. Sir Roland Dane (David Niven) lives with his memories at 99 Wilshire Crescent. Once, he was in love with Lark Ingoldsby (Teresa Wright), but his jealous and manipulative sister, Selina (Jayne MEadows), cruelly prevented them from marrying. Now, years later, with the world at war, Sir Roland's American grandniece, Grizel Dane (Evelyn Keyes), has come to London. But when she meets the dashing Canadian pilot Pax Masterson (Farley Granger), who happens to be Lark’s nephew, Sir Roland suspects that something stronger than mere coincidence has brought them together.
Starring David Niven, Teresa Wright, Evelyn Keyes
Director Irving Reis