End Game
Available on Netflix
The objective of END GAME is to portray a natural, intimate, and humane way of death. Substantial screen time is given to University of California, San Francisco Medical Center's cancer patient Mitra, a 45-year-old woman, along with Hamid, her husband, and Vaji, her mother, as Mitra's death approaches. The film closely observes the staff of professionals, including lead doctor Dr. Steve Pantilant, who care for her, as Mitra's final days reveal the myriad emotions that accompany the woman's death. At the Zen Hospice Project, filmmakers mark the last months in the life of Pat Harris, another cancer patient. Dr. B.J. Miller, founder of the Zen Project, is profiled as well. His personal story, coming back from a tragic accident that almost cost him his life, helps to deliver profound messages about how perspective and attitude alter our life journey. Miller's mission -- to reclaim the end of life as a human experience instead of a medical one -- is clearly illustrated in the scenes at his facility.
Director Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman