Ente Kaanakkuyil
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Suresh and Anuradha are classmates. At first they fight each other. Eventually they fall for each. But Anu's father Madhavan Thampi doesn't approve their relation. He sets Anu's marriage with Mohan Kumar. Anu reveals about her love to Mohan. After convinced by Mohan Madhavan Thampi agrees for Suresh and Anu's marriage. Knowing about the marriage Suresh goes joyfully but get into an accident and dies. Shattered Anu lives a lonely life. Later it's discovered that she is pregnant with Suresh's child. After the delivery Thampi gives the kid to his driver and tells Anu that the child was stillborn. Anu's life shattered again. Eventually Mohan finds out the truth and decides to find the child. He finds the child, Appukuttan lives with the driver Kumara Pilla, his wife and kids. Kumara Pilla loves Appukuttan as his son but his wife hates the child. Mohan gain back Appukuttan and takes back to his mother. Meantime Anu attempts to suicide. At hospital Mohan tells Appukuttan to call his mother back. He calls her and eventually Anu comes back to life.
Starring Mammootty, Rahman, Revathi
Director Sasikumar