Envy centers on overly-focused Tim (Ben Stiller) and dreamer Nick (Jack Black), best friends and colleagues. Nick offers Tim a chance to invest on his new idea, "Vapoorize," but the idea seems absurd and Tim turns him down. But this time Nick's dream comes true, and soon he is doing infomercials and raking in the loot. Nick does not want to move, so he builds a mansion across the street from Tim. He has a full-size carousel, a yellow Lamborghini with a license plate that says "Cacaking," a butler, a beautiful white horse, and a doorbell that barks "Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" And of this does to Tim's feelings of friendship what the spray does to the dog poop. Tim is consumed with envy and that leads to some outlandish activities involving revenge, a cover-up, and Christopher Walken.
Starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Rachel Weisz
Director Barry Levinson