Every Thing Will Be Fine
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A winter evening. A car on a country road. It's snowing, visibility is poor. Out of nowhere, a sled comes sliding down a hill. The car comes to a grinding halt. Silence. The driver is Tomas, a writer. He cannot be blamed for the tragic accident. It's also not young Christopher's fault, who should have taken better care of his brother, nor their mother's, Kate, who could have called the children home earlier. Tomas falls into a depression. The relationship with his girlfriend Sara breaks under the pressure. All Tomas can do is continue writing. But does he have the right to base his work on experiences that include the grief of others? The film follows Tomas and his efforts to give meaning to his life again, as he establishes a family of his own with Ann and her daughter Mina. It also follows Kate and Christopher until, at the age of seventeen, the young man decides to confront the stranger he only met once, on that fateful evening.
Starring James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rachel McAdams
Director Wim Wenders