Expedition Happiness
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Felix Starck's claim to fame is the bicycle documentary "Pedal the World", which followed his travels through 22 countries. But Felix and his girlfriend Mogli are back on the road, as "Expedition Happiness" shows. One filmmaker, one singer, one Bernese mountain dog, and a school bus refurbished to become a "loft on wheels" - these are the ingredients all the way across the American continent, from Alaska to Mexico! They meet wolves, moose and a grizzly; they cross glaciers, deserts and jungles. Their dog 'Rudy' at one point needs surgery - and one night they are surrounded by the Mexican army. They get to visit the highest and the lowest point of North America - a fitting image for the rollercoaster ride of their emotions, which we witness. High, low, no filter and very intimate. An adventure and a quest for happiness - beyond the beaten path!
Starring Felix Starck, 費利克斯·斯塔克, Selima Taibi
Director Felix Starck, Selima Taibi