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In EXTINCTION, Peter (Michael Pena), a hard-working family man, is having frequent nightmares about the future. He always wakes up terrified and frightened. His wife, Alice (Lizzy Caplan), and his two young daughters are upset and worried about him. His behavior has reached critical proportions at a party in the family's apartment, when Peter's nightmares become reality. First, strange sounds, then the sky becomes alive with light. And finally, a horrific and terrifying assault from invaders from space. Gunfire and bombs shake the inhabitants. Buildings are leveled. Upright creatures on two legs appear en masse, attacking everywhere at once with all manner of weaponry. The family's apartment is under siege. Peter and Alice and the two girls barely escape discovery as they run from one hiding place to the next. Joining with some neighbors and co-workers, they attempt to reach the factory where Peter works. He's aware of an underground bunker that might save them. The panicked group must outwit and outrun their attackers through city streets, through tunnels, and finally, face off against them in a raging battle for survival.
Starring Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan, Mike Colter
Director Ben Young