"Faintheart" is the result of MyMovieMashUp, the ground-breaking initiative by MySpace, Vertigo Films and Film4 that sought to harness the collective creativity of the world's largest online community. Set in the world of battle re-enactments, "Faintheart" is a comedy that charts the epic quest of Viking Warrior Readmund the Just, aka Richard the sales assistant (Eddie Marsan), as he attempts to win back the love of his long suffering wife Cath (Jessica Hynes). Tired of Richard's all-consuming obsession with his Iron-age alter ego, Cath kicks him out of their home and into the real world. His honour is put in further peril when Cath begins seeing Martin's PE teacher Gary (Paul Nicholls). Realising he must finally face up to the challenges of the present day and fatherly responsibility, Richard enlists the help of best friend and 'Trekkie', Julian (Ewen Bremner). Together with Julian and a merry band of assorted geeks known as the 'Bloody Broadswords', Richard must summon all of his Norse courage to discover the real warrior within and prepare for his greatest ever battle.
Starring Eddie Marsan, Ewen Bremner, Jessica Hynes
Director Vito Rocco