Fallen Queen
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Unemployed musician Trevor (Brent Bailey)’s mundane life with his wife Renee (Emma Hamilton) and his daughter Clio (Violet Hicks) takes a sudden turn when ex-beauty queen Kaylie (Roxanna Dunlop) moves in next door. Her friendly flirtation towards Trevor soon turns to serious seduction, and just as she’s about to have her way with him, she suddenly reveals the truth that her arrival in their lives is no accident. Kaylie’s intention is to wreak havoc on Trevor’s life as payback for ruining her rising pageant career from the judge’s table years ago. Now, desperate to save his marriage, Trevor is forced to succumb to Kaylie’s devious blackmail. But when Kaylie starts to use Clio as a pawn in her twisted game, Trevor and Renee must come together and rescue their daughter from Kaylie’s control before their family is torn apart forever.
Starring Emma Hamilton, Michael Roark, Brent Bailey
Director Joel Soisson