Fifty Dead Men Walking
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With his city a conflict-strewn gangland, charismatic chancer Martin is arrested and recruited by Special Branch. Sensing his whip smart, street-wise attitude as an asset, his handlers coerce him into performing the most terrifying assignment imaginable: to infiltrate a splinter group as a double agent. Earning a formidable reputation as a dependable foot soldier, Martin reluctantly rises in the ranks, all the while risking his life feeding information to his handlers. Though his skills result in countless lives being spared, his existence begins to spiral out of control as his superiors' suspicions are aroused. As the possible discovery of his deception closes in on every side, he must fight for everything he believes in and sacrifice everyone he loves before capture and certain death become a chilling reality. Starring Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess and inspired by the true story of Martin McGartland, who is still in hiding today, "Fifty Dead Men Walking" is intense, explosive and electrifying at every action-filled twist and turn.
Starring Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess, Kevin Zegers
Director Kari Skogland