In Firewall, computer genius and bank security expert Jack (Harrison Ford) works for a Seattle bank, lives with his family in a gorgeous house designed by his architect wife Beth (Virginia Madsen), and worries a bit about new guy Gary's (Robert Patrick) idea that the bank shouldn't assume costs of fraud and hacking -- he wants to pass on costs to customers. Jack's own info is hacked by a crew of crooks, led by Bill Cox (Paul Bettany), who use it to break into his home, take his wife and kids hostage, and force him to transfer millions to their account. Bill has installed surveillance devices in Jack's home, car, and office. Though Jack tries initially to outsmart Bill, but when the bad guy harms his son, the concerned father moves the funds. Eventually Jack must retaliate, committing his own deceptions and acts of deadly violence. Though he doesn't get much help from boss (Alan Arkin) or his law enforcement veteran buddy Harry (Robert Forster), Jack does get support from his assistant Janet (Mary Lynn Rajskub).
Starring Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany
Director Richard Loncraine