First Responders In Crisis
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In America, first responders make up less than 2% of the population, but account for nearly 20% of the suicides. This powerful documentary, narrated by Rob Riggle, looks at PTSD and the mental health struggles of firefighters, police officers and EMTs, through the lens of a small town in New England. Keith Hanks, who witnessed his first fatality while working as a firefighter before he even graduated high school, and fellow first responders in and around Townsend, Massachusetts, have experienced unbearable trauma over years of working on the front lines. Without being provided with proper professional care, these brave men and women have been forced to discover their own methods of treatment. First Responders In Crisis is an inspirational story about how these American heroes have used tools like therapy, meditation, life coaching and even farming to help save themselves from the depths of depression, so they can be there to save you!
Starring Corey Moss, Rob Riggle, Scot Ruggles
Director Corey Moss, Scot Ruggles