Fishing Naked
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Two fishing buddies, David and Rodney (TWILIGHT's Bronson Pelletier and TV pinup Evan Williams), simply want to scare tourists away from their favorite idyllic fly-fishing paradise. But when they stumble upon two gorgeous trust-fund chicks (Elyse Levesque from “Stargate Universe” and TWILIGHT's Tinsel Korey) and the four of them propel the gags to the next level. From Bigfoot suits and YouTube pranks to a giant fake UFO, their hoaxes start to get noticed. Soon TV crews, the FBI and even an actual extraterrestrial visitor descend on their small mountain community. The pranksters are quick to respond to this unwanted attention – they all get stoned. A modern comedy packed with pranks and romance, the stellar cast is rounded out by loveably stoic Grandma Ottertale (“Northern Exposure”'s Elaine Miles) and her sheriff boyfriend (Steve Reevis, FARGO). Time to go fishing – naked!
Starring Elyse Levesque, Steve Reevis, Evan Williams
Director Peter Coggan