Flesh for the Beast
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Turn-of-the-century occultist Alfred Fischer acquires a mystical medallion from a Gypsy woman and conjures up a slew of ravishing female demons, or succubi, from the depths of hell. To satisfy and control them, Fischer turns his stately mansion into a high-class bordello that attracts human prey for the demons- who pose as beautiful prostitutes! Almost a century after Fischer meets his mysterious demise, the new owner, John Stoker, hires a crack team of parapsychologists to investigate the haunted manor and rid the house of its evil aura. As the team members split up to investigate different levels and wings of the house, each male team member experiences a strange, sensual, and ultimately fatal encounter with a series of sultry and seductive sirens.
Starring Jane Scarlett, Sergio Jones, Clark Beasley Jr.
Director Terry M. West