Flesh, TX
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Weary traveler Donna Parker and her daughter Tabitha embark on a cross country road trip when an innocent stop for gas turns into a Hellish dance with the Devil's spawn. Few have ever known terrors like the Barley family. Little town flirt, Sugar Barley, might be easy on the eyes, and fill you with longing but the only thing they want is your heart, preferably grilled with onions. Get two close to these gals and their inbred clan, and you'll be in some seriously hot water, most likely with garlic, and fresh basil. Eight- year old Tabitha disappears, and a frantic Donna enlists the help of the local law man. They must find her child before its too late. Little does Donna know that Sheriff Jonas Barley will provide the kind of help she doesn't need. The inbred Barley crew don't mean no harm, they just think good people are best cooked, baked, fried, or even straight up with a little BBQ sauce. And no one gets in the way of their good old fashion Sunday suppers.
Starring Joe Estevez, Kathleen Benner, Jose Rosete
Director Guy Crawford