This clever and engaging heist flick tells the story of a man hell-bent on exacting vengeance on the people who have wronged him. Frank O’Neal (played by Billy Burke) did something terrible when he was young, but he seems to be a changed man. He’s back after eighteen years, has a steady job as an armored car guard, and wants the love of his life to give him a second chance. We quickly learn however, that his motives are not entirely what they seem. Featured alongside Billy Burke are Sherry Stringfield as Frank’s ex-girlfriend; Wayne Knight as an armored car guard; and Gregory Itzin as the brilliant and unpredictable television preacher who seeks to thwart Frank’s elaborate plan for revenge. FORFEIT is a taut and inventive thriller with an Old Testament twist.
Starring Billy Burke, Sherry Stringfield, John Aylward
Director Andrew Shea