Formula One World Championship 2016: The Official Review
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Thirty four years after his father, Nico Rosberg followed in Keke's footsteps to become Formula 1 World Champion. It was a fight that swung back and forth between the two main protagonists. Nico kicked off the season with four consecutive wins while Lewis was slow off the mark thanks to bad starts and poor reliability. Team relations were pushed to the limit as the drivers' rivalry stepped up a gear. With clashes both on and off track, their ruthless pursuit of the title left their relationship in tatters. The drama went down to the final round in Abu Dhabi. Lewis had nothing to lose while Nico had to keep his cool. Formula One again broke into new territory with the first race in Azerbaijan around the streets of the dazzling capital Baku. 2009 World Champion Jenson Button and eleven time race winner Felipe Massa waved emotional goodbyes to the sport, whilst Max Verstappen took it to the next level and became the youngest ever F1 race winner aged just 18. Watch Rosberg fight until the very last lap for his first World Championship triumph and feel Hamilton's heartbreak as he is forced to surrender his Formula One crown to his childhood rival.
Starring Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton
Director Formula One Management