Friendly Persuasion
A devout Southern Indiana Quaker family attempts to resist the call to arms during the Civil War, but their pacifism is sorely tested by the events that engulf them in this classic film directed by William Wyler ("Ben Hur," "The Best Years of Our Lives"). Intriguing events unfold as a young Quaker woman falls in love with a soldier. Moving and often humorous story of the painful changes confronting five families and the choices they are forced to make. Starring screen legend Gary Cooper ("High Noon," "The Pride of the Yankees"), Oscar-nominee Dorothy McGuire ("Gentleman's Agreement," "The Greatest Story Ever Told") and Anthony Perkins ("Psycho," "Murder on the Orient Express"). Leonard Maltin gives this classic film his highest rating, "****" (four stars).
Starring Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire, Anthony Perkins
Director William Wyler