Friends and Heroes Bible Adventures: Vol. 5, Horseplay/Exodus
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The Bible comes alive for children and the whole family! In Part 1, Horseplay, Leah is out on Macky’s horse without permission and easily outrides a spoiled Roman boy, who then challenges her to a horse race so he can salvage his damaged pride. The stories of Joseph and his brothers and Philip and Simon the Sorcerer help explain to Leah and the others how important it is to show forgiveness and have true values. In Part 2, Exodus, as Macky’s family and guests celebrate Passover, Portia brings her Roman tutor with her to dinner but Leah recalls Lydia from a previous encounter. As a result Lydia gets Toadie to intimidate the whole family but after retelling the stories of Moses and the Exodus and The Last Supper the family are inspired to overcome their fear and accept they must move on.
Starring Austin Di Iulio, Sarah Gadon, Tony Daniels
Director Dave Osborne