Friends and Heroes Bible Adventures: Vol. 7, One of Us/Over Walls
The Bible comes alive for children and the whole family! In Part 1, One of Us, Macky arrives in Jerusalem disguised as a member of Portia’s entourage, and soon comes across old adversaries and several new friends. Awed by the sight of the besieged city, he tells Portia the story of Jesus in the Temple as a boy, and a mysterious Roman soldier tells Macky how King David captured Jerusalem, reminding him that great obstacles may be overcome. In Part 2, Over Walls, Macky is now a dependable courier between Jerusalem and the outside world. But he’s soon given a job by Sarah, the zealot girl, which might be too much, even for him. Our friends retell the stories of Jacob and Esau, and how Paul escapes in a basket, which help them learn the true value of trust.
Starring Austin Di Iulio, Sarah Gadon, Tony Daniels
Director Dave Osborne