Garth Lives in a Van
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A documentary about finding an alternative to falling victim to the rising cost of living. It is an attempt to find out if one can live this way, without what most believe as the necessities of a place they call home. What do his friends, family and film colleagues think of Garth's decision? What are the logistics? How is he going to manage after 34 years of having access to all basic needs? Is he crazy? Casting these questions and judgments aside, Garth decides to find out for himself if it is possible to live in a van. Not only is he confronted by the difficulties of showering, cooking and the general limitations that living in a van requires, Garth has some hazardous encounters with car thieves and junkies. Garth also meets other van dwellers and shares their stories of van ethics, survival and purpose.
Starring Luke Buckmaster, Suzy Markovski, Gregory Pakis
Director Gregory Pakis