George Carlin: You Are All Diseased
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Growing up in New York City, George Carlin was always the class clown. He went on to become one of the great comedians of our time, with appeal that has spanned generations. His brand of provocative sociopolitical commentary and his scathing comic style have brought him five Grammy awards, most recently in 2002. He was the first-ever host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and has starred in 14 of his own HBO specials. He continued to perform to sold-out audiences at venues across the country up until his death in 2008. “You Are All Diseased” is a new collection of Carlin comedy never before seen on home video. The hilarious routines include “Airport Security,” “Fear of Germs,” “More Things That Are Pissing Me Off,” “American Bullshit,” “ Businessmen,” “Religion,” and “There Is No God.”
Starring George Carlin
Director Rocco Urbisci