Go Tell It On the Mountain
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This gripping story of violence and desire, of tenderness and compassion, lays bare the trials, sufferings, yearnings and aspirations of three generations of an African American family. Journeying from the rural South to "big city" Harlem, the family seeks both salvation and understanding, while one young boy struggles to earn the approval of his self-righteous and often unloving stepfather. Through the voice of America's celebrated author James Baldwin comes the acclaimed motion picture adaptation of one of the most important novels of our time. This film, so praised by critics, stars actors Paul Winfield, Alfre Woodard, Ruby Dee, and Olivia Cole, who among the breadth of their many accolades, share three Academy Awards, twenty-five Emmys and three Golden Globe Award nominations.
Starring Paul Winfield, Rosalind Cash, James Bond III
Director Stan Lathan